Nebraska Cattlemen partners with our allied industry council to bring educational webinars to our membership. If your company is interested in hosting a webinar please contact Bonita Lederer or (402) 450-0223 voice/text.

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Past Webinars:

Cattle Edge
By Nebraska Cattlemen / January 15, 2021

Cattle Processing Facilities: Design and Construction for Optimal Animal Handling

The planning and the design process can be challenging, but your operation can function safer and more efficient with changes...

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Cattle Edge, webinar
By Nebraska Cattlemen / November 11, 2020

Cattle Edge Webinar: Costs and Benefits of Feed Analysis and Crop Residue Management

In this webinar Ward Labs examines how crop residue removal impacts soil health, inspects the true costs of baling crop...

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Animal Health, Cattle Edge, webinar
By Nebraska Cattlemen / May 22, 2020

Maximizing Efficiencies: The Economic Return Of Spring Vaccinations and Strategic Deworming

Nebraska Cattlemen in partnership with Boehringer Ingelheim presented a webinar featuring Dr. Joe Gillespie. Dr. Gillespie shared product information to...

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