State Legislative
By Nebraska Cattlemen / September 14, 2022

Friend of the Court Effort Yields Results!

Friend of the Court Effort Yields Results! Ashley Kohls, Vice President of Government Affairs Nebraska Cattlemen, alongside seven other Nebraska...

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Environment, Natural Resources
By Nebraska Cattlemen / July 18, 2022

What’s good for the herd is good for the bird

Grasslands historically covered approximately 170 million acres of North America and were the dominant landscape of Nebraska. Whether short, mixed,...

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By Nebraska Cattlemen / July 15, 2022

“If grazing is not the answer, you are asking the wrong questions.” -Logan Pribbeno

By: Director of Membership-Retention Jessie Rudolph As Director of Membership-Retention for Nebraska Cattlemen, one of the best parts of my...

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By Nebraska Cattlemen / July 8, 2022

Renee Halsey Donates $10,000 to The Nebraska Cattlemen Foundation Leadership Development Endowment

Renee Halsey wanted to memorialize her father, Lawrence Jochens and she felt donating to the Nebraska Cattlemen Foundation Leadership Development...

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By Nebraska Cattlemen / June 1, 2022

The Bovine Pangenome Consortium

June 1, 2022 Written By: Dr. Larry Kuehn Cattle producers use genetic predictions to select animals as parents for traits...

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Industry, Membership, Nebraska Cattlemen
By Nebraska Cattlemen / May 27, 2022

Mental Health Month by Jaclyn Wilson

It was another twelve plus hour day of ranch work. Yet, there still seems to be so many things that...

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Beef, Environment, Industry, Livestock Management
By Nebraska Cattlemen / April 19, 2022

Constructing Effective Livestock Facilities

Source: Nebraska Cattleman Magazine By Shaye Koester, Contributing Writer Processing and housing facilities are a necessity for livestock producers. They...

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Industry, Nebraska Cattleman
By Nebraska Cattlemen / April 8, 2022

Grain Bin Safety Tips and Tricks

By Grace Vehige, Contributing Writer Source: Nebraska Cattleman Magazine When it comes to farm injuries, we all know someone who...

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By Nebraska Cattlemen / March 29, 2022

The Total Program for Fly Control

Source: Nebraska Cattleman Magazine By Natalie Jones, Contributing Writer “it’s imperative that livestock producers provide some means of fly control...

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By Nebraska Cattlemen / March 25, 2022

Bull Battery Nutrition and Management in Preparation for the Breeding Season

Source: Nebraska Cattleman Magazine By Kacie McCarthy, Ph.D., Assistant Professor and Beef Cow-Calf Specialist, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Currently, we may...

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