Chairman: Al Atkins, Halsey – Vice Chairman: Travis Chrisman, Wauneta
The council works to protect the interests of the cow/calf industry and represent the cow/calf cattle rancher.

Chairman: Dan Egger, Columbus – Vice Chairman: Marc Hanson, Fairbury
The council continually works hard to find solutions to challenges for the small to moderate sized feeder (500 head or less), cow/calf rancher, or stocker who raises his/her own feed.

Chairman: Joel Weber, Dorchester – Vice Chairman: Mike Briggs, Seward
The council addresses the needs of the growing Nebraska feedlot industry. Primarily concentrating on operations with a one-time feeding capacity of 1,000 head or more.

Chairman: Krista Dybdal, Newcastle – Vice Chairman: John Kraye, Mullen
The council represents the first link in the production chain, dedicated to the entrepreneurial spirit, adoption of technology and the economic advancements of the beef industry through the production of superior genetics.

Allied Industry
Chairman: Andy Dorn, Minden
The council represents all Associate members of Nebraska Cattlemen.