Nebraska Cattlemen Insurance Group (NCIG) was formed in March of 2019 as a joint venture between Nebraska Cattlemen (NC) and First National Insurance Company (FNIC), formerly the Harry A. Koch Co. (HAK), to provide Nebraska Cattlemen members another benefit to being apart of the organization, with risk management services specific to the work that our members perform.  The program focuses on two things: helping your bottom line and providing top-notch customer service. These represent Nebraska Cattlemen values and the FNIC experience. The Nebraska Cattlemen Board of Directors and leadership believes that NCIG is a valuable benefit for current and new Nebraska Cattlemen members and encourages you to explore these competitive offerings.

NCIG Benefits

  • Members receive access to a variety of insurance carriers to help lower insurance cost
  • Superior policyholder services through licensed professionals
  • Loss Control and safety support for clients of NCIG
  • Access to a variety of insurance products and carriers
  • If you have an insurance loss, FNIC will be available to advocate for your claim.
  • Access to employee/family health insurance options
  • Strada Health Care


Risk Management Products

Farm Owner, Rancher & Business Protection

  • Property and Marine
  • General Liability
  • Automobile
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Excess Liability
  • 24-Hour Claim Service
  • Loss Control Service

Personal Protection

  • Homes & Secondary Residences
  • Automobile & Recreational Vehicles
  • Personal Liability

Employee Benefits

  • Group Medical Coverage
  • Basic & Supplemental Life Benefits
  • Executive Benefits
  • Retirement Plans


Nebraska Cattlemen members are already participating

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