NC Political Action Committee

The NC Political Action Committee (PAC), is used to support elected officials who support the cattle industry.

To make donations to our State PAC please contact Laura Field.


PAC in the Pasture

Friday, August 10   5:00 pm

Hosted by AL Ranch, Halsey


Come gather for an evening of fun, fellowship and food with fellow cattlemen and cattlewomen in the beautiful Nebraska Sandhills!  It will be a great time to catch up on Nebraska Cattlemen issues, hear cattle industry updates, connect with and meet new friends and fellow ranchers and learn more about the Nebraska Cattlemen PAC.  Guests will enjoy a steak supper, followed by a brief program, and live auction.    Wrapping up the evening will be performance by Joel Warren.

We encourage you to come and bring your friends and neighbors!


PAC Gala

Monday, February 18


Come see the new Nebraska Cattlemen office and be part of an incredible gala to raise funds for the Nebraska Cattlemen PAC and learn more of NC’s efforts at the state  legislature.  Tickets will be available to purchase at the Annual Convention in         December.


Nebraska Cattlemen at the Capitol. 

Modeled after the NCBA “Boots on the Hill” event, this two day event will be key in relating cattle industry issues to elected  representatives and communicating the     importance of protecting agriculture in state law.  While NC is represented daily at the Capitol by our lobbyists, this event provides an opportunity for senators to hear from their constituents.  Members will gather to  connect with senators and discuss the issues that impact their operations.

Monday, February 18 (afternoon)

Meeting at the NC office to review issues and discuss talking points

Tuesday, February 19

Morning at the capitol

Breakfast with senators and staff with individuals meetings