Where are we at with the DOJ investigation?


Brenda Masek, Vice President, talks with KBear Country listening area bringing updates on where the DOJ investigation is currently at and Midyear meeting.

The DOJ investigation seems to be moving somewhere. They are asking for specific incidences of anti-trust of the big 4 packers. Having those examples would give the investigation some teeth. There is also a class action lawsuit coming out on the retailer side coming back on the big 4 for price gouging during the COVID-19 issues. Nebraska Cattlemen led the charge with a letter to the DOJ but a lot of organizations followed suit, giving more strength behind it.

For more information no the DOJ investigation and how you can help please contact us at 402.475.2333

Midyear meeting had a lot of discussion from COVID relief money to interim policy. For other COVID updates please click here. Wanting to know more about Midyear meeting discussion please call your local NC board member or give us a call at 402.475.2333.


Audio: Brenda Masek

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