Webinar: Local Beef Processing – Inspection, Marketing, and Branding


Bonita Lederer, Director of Producer Education talking about the webinar on July 7th.

Nebraska Cattlemen Webinar series continues with Local Beef Processing – Inspection, Marketing, and Branding on Tuesday, July 7th at 7pm cdt. What is all involved when selling your own beef? Get your questions answered during this webinar.

“We will be talking about some of the issues about selling and processing local beef here in Nebraska, Kentucky, and Minnesota… We are looking at different ways that we can help our producers with different avenues of selling their beef.”

There is a need for USDA inspectors here in Nebraska currently. We want to make sure that the beef we are selling to our consumers individually is safe and we encourage those inspectors to be available for our producers.

During this webinar we will also cover branded programs within different states. Dr. Ryan Cox, University of Minnestoa, will be the moderator for our webinar.  Ryan sits on the board Minnesota Association of Meat Processor and work several local meat processors. He oversees the meat lab at the U of M so knows the ins and outs of inspection and running a small locker.

Register for the webinar here.

Audio: Bonita Lederer

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