Thoughts on Farm System Reform Act of 2019


Nebraska Cattlemen Vice President of Legal and Government Affairs, Jessica Herrmann spoke with Chad Moyer of Rural Radio Network on Senator Booker’s Bill “Farm System Reform Act of 2019”. In short, this bill would put a moratorium on what the senator considers a factory farm.

Major concerns with this bill include phasing out all feed yards of 1,000 head of cattle or more by 2040. The bill brings awareness to organizations such as Nebraska Cattlemen that Senator Booker is totally out of touch with agriculture and where food comes from. Knowing that Senator Booker is HSUS’ top candidate his extreme agenda all makes sense.

NCBA’s Ethan Lane tweeted: “Mr. Booker is a vegan activist from an urban part of New Jersey who doesn’t understand how the food his constituents consume is produced. This bill is a reflection of that lack of understanding.”

Activists try advancing their agenda at all levels including at the state level on a fairly regular basis. This particular bill is so extreme that it will stay just that, a bill. However, it also demonstrates why agriculture needs to pay attention to the happenings in Washington D.C. At the end of the day agriculture needs to do a better job of telling the story and educating consumers across the Nation.

Listen to the full interview here .

Written by: Talia Goes

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