Taiwan Begins Intent to Lift Beef Trade Restriction


Ashley Kohls, Director of Government Affairs, talks trade.

“Nebraska leads the Nation in commercial red meat production, so our members rely on those pinnacle trading partners that have trade standards based in science for access to those markets.” When the president of Taiwan announced their intent to begin the process of uplifting the 30-month age base restriction for US beef imports into their country is something that our industry has been working on for a decade and the news was welcomed. Anytime there is an opportunity to remove a non-tariff trade barrier for one of our largest trading partners is a good day for our industry.

“In the age of COVID-19 Nebraska Cattlemen has increased communications with State and Federal agencies that talk to folks about exports making sure all agreements are based on science. Anytime there is a conversation about expanding or opening a new trade market, not tariff related, we want to make sure it is sound science based.” Taiwan is the fastest growing market for US Beef. We have captured roughly 75% of the chilled beef market in Taiwan. We need to continue to ensure them that the beef we send to them is safe and wholesome enough for us to feed to our families.

Listen as Ashley discusses Taiwan trade here:

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