Senator Fischer’s HAULS Act


Jessica Herrmann, Vice President of Legal & Governmental Affairs, talks about Senator Fischer’s HAULS Act.

Three really important updates to federal law that relates to Hours of Service reform.

  1. Eliminate the planting and harvest season requirements for the ag hours-of-service exemption. (This is not necessarily applicable in Nebraska as our planting and harvest season is year round, but this is a much needed fix for other states. For a full state-by-state list, click here.)
  2. Add a 150 air-mile hours-of-service exemption to the destination of a haul. (This is a huge NC priority for HOS reform. If you’ll recall, this idea actually originated from NC’s Transportation Task Force meeting back in June 2017.)
  3. Update the FMCSA definition of “agricultural commodity.” (Essentially just brings in non-processed product planted or harvested for food, feed, fuel or fiber).

Listen as Jessie explains more about the HAULS act.

Audio: Jessica Herrmann

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