Nebraska Cattlemen Interim Policy and 50-14


Brenda Masek spoke with KBear Country on Tuesday, May 19th, 2020 updating the listening area on the continued efforts on behalf of Nebraska Cattlemen due to the current COVID-19 cattle market conditions. “We needed to dig our heels in and get more aggressive policy on marketing. To follow up with the DOJ letter NC adopted policy to back up the action. We are thrilled that other livestock organizations have followed suit with similar letters to the DOJ for this exact investigation.” While this is a long slow process, we are hopeful at this time. Read Press Release here.

Regarding the 50-14 bill that was brought by Iowa Senator Grassley, Nebraska Cattlemen has policy that directly aligns with this bill and we have been in contact with Nebraska Congressional Delegation Senator Fischer and Senator Sasse’s office. We need to comb through the entire bill as there are concerns of clerical issues on the definition of taxation as well as possible loopholes that packers can get around. Again, bill turnaround is a slow process as they make sure no aspect is overlooked. Read Press Release here.

NC continues to work through COVID19 impacts daily but stay tuned for our upcoming webinars. Next webinar is June 2nd on risk management for cow calf producers as well as feeders.

“We highly encourage you to go listen to the Black Swan webinars series on our website There is great information on packers, anti-trust laws and the meat industry.”

We will talk again to KBear Country listening area in two weeks with an update on the reconvening of the Nebraska State Legislature to begin on July 20th. Nebraska Cattlemen is working hard to get something done once again on property tax relief.

“Please contact your local affiliate leader, let them know you want to hear from us. NC is wanting to get out and talk to local producers.”


Audio: Brenda Masek

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