NCBA & State Legislative Update 8.11.2020


Brenda Masek, Nebraska Cattlemen VP, updating KBear Listening Country on Nebraska Cattlemen.

Sponsored by: Eatinger Cattle Company, Thedford NE

Brenda starts out talking about NCBA Summer Business meeting in Denver a couple of weeks ago. “We got some significant things adopted that Nebraska brought.”

  • Rural Broadband
  • Stepped up basis
  • Trade
  • Foreign animal disease outbreak
  • Robust price discovery

Kansas Livestock Association and Texas Cattle Feeders Association brought opposing policy to NC policy in the live cattle marketing committee. After about 6 hours of debate and good discussion a compromise was reached on this policy.

In State: Property tax LB 1107 got 43 votes in the first round. It has 3 more rounds to go. This is another compromise between urban and rural senators.

Listen as Brenda gives in depth updates:

Audio: Brenda Masek

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