NC Meets with the Governor


NC Vice President, Brenda Masek, updated the KBear Country listening area on a recent meeting with Governor Pete Ricketts.

Sponsored by: CC Angus of Dunning

NC staff and leadership had a meeting with Governor Ricketts this week before the legislative session reconvenes on July 20th. Decoupling, on a tax basis, is a hot topic in Lincoln right now and Nebraska Cattlemen had the opportunity to speak with the Governor about it. Although tax breaks sound great unfortunately, it would create a $250 million deficit to the state’s revenue. There is already a $98 million business income tax decreased due to COVID19. Many of the tax breaks being discussed will not affect cattle producers in the state because to be eligible you must have a combined household income of $500,000.

“Nebraska Cattlemen does not have policy on decoupling, but we do have policy on property tax relief and that is the avenue we will take during the session.”

We look forward to hopefully making some amendments to 1106, giving the brand committee guidance moving forward and also discussing drought as some of our producers are seeing conditions.

Audio: Brenda Masek

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