Midyear Committee Webinars – What you missed!


Ken Herz, NC president recaps last weeks committee meeting webinars with Rural Radio Network.

Holding our committee meetings via webinar due to COVID19 gave people who may have been working the capability to attend these meetings by listening in. Our attendance was overall very good, and we are pleased with how all 6 of the committee meetings turned out.

Several things went on during these committee meetings Animal Health and Nutrition committee talked a lot about the secure beef plan which is a plan to have in place in case we have a major disease outbreak. COVID19 really drove this home and how important a plan is to disease outbreaks. We are taking policy to NCBA as NC feels there should be policy in place at a National Level as well.

Taxation committee discussed property tax relief. We are hopeful to get something done when legislature gets back in session. We also hope to get an interim study done for the brand committee. Natural Resources had good discussion cedar tree control. Marketing and Commerce committee meeting had lots of discussion since marketing is a big topic for our industry currently. Education received an update from the community colleges.

If you’d like to get more involved with Nebraska Cattlemen please contact staff or call the office at 402.475.2333.

Audio: Ken Herz

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