Livestock Risk Management, How Can it Help Your Operation?


Bonita Lederer, Director of Producer Education speaks with Rural Radio Network on upcoming producer education webinars.

Looking back Nebraska Cattlemen has hosted a series of these webinars titled the Black Swan events. “There is a lot going on right now for our members and nonmembers. We want you to know that we are busy working for you, it is important that we share what we are doing and help educate you on things that you can do to help on your operation.”

NC has recently given an overview of the cattle market, had a Q&A session with two packers, discussed packer consolidation and spoke with a meat industry merchandiser our June 2nd webinar will cover risk management. “The recent swan events brings light to the fact that beef producers of all sectors have a reason to learn about risk management.”

We encourage feeders, backgrounders as well as cow calf producers to join Nebraska Cattlemen in conjunction with Minnesota State Cattlemen and Kentucky Cattlemen in deepening your knowledge of the futures market, alternatives to risk management, and tools to utilize when creating risk management plans going forward.

In closing, Nebraska Cattlemen is looking to grow and become a stronger organization for our members. We want and need to hear from our members, let us know how we can better utilize your membership dollars. Call our office at 402.475.2333

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Audio: Bonita Lederer

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