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Brenda Masek, Vice President, updates KBear Country listeners on the Nebraska Cattlemen Insurance Group.

Sponsored by: CC Angus of Dunning

Nebraska Cattlemen Insurance Group (NCIG) was formed in March 2019 between Nebraska Cattlemen and The Harry A Koch Company. This joint venture provides Nebraska Cattlemen members with an option for risk management services.

“NC has no desire to become an insurance agency, but we have been talking for a long time how to offer members group benefits especially in the fields of workman’s comp and health benefits for our ag workers”

Join Jeff Willis, Director of NCIG, at the Sandhills Corral in Thedford on July 7th at 7pm cdt. to learn about what NCIG can do for you. RSVP to Brenda at 308.539.5533. For more information about NCIG click here.


Audio: Brenda Masek

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