July 25, 2020 State Legislature Update


Jessica Herrmann, Vice President of Legal and Government Affairs, recapping 1st week of Nebraska Unicameral being back in session.

The chamber looks much different since the COVID-19 break, but they are back to finish up the remaining 17 days. So far two big things came up for discussion this week being the reintroduction of property tax.

LB1106 revenue committee property tax bill came up for debate on Wednesday morning, with lots of good discussion between senators. LB720 Nebraska imagine act also came up for debate on Wednesday afternoon. Next steps will be whether each bill will show 33 votes.

Decoupling is another issue that has cropped up in our quest for property tax relief. Any loss in state revenue makes it that much more difficult to get property tax relief. “Nebraska Cattlemen board adopted interim policy supporting decoupling. What that means is that we support some type of language or legislation that would stop those automatic tax cuts from taking affect here in Nebraska so we can preserve that money to hopefully use for property tax relief.”

Listen as Jessie talks more about recent NC state legislative updates.

Audio: Jessica Herrmann

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