Get the Facts: US & China Trade Agreement. How technology based products are playing a part


Eric lays out how you can help make the China opportunity a reality.

Contact your Congressional delegation to help “Support the full implementation of Phase One of the U.S.-China Agreement, including the acceptance of ractopamine used in U.S. beef.

1. China is buying significant quantities of beef & pork.
2. Ractopamine (Optaflexx) can improve competitiveness of U.S. beef. China’s zero tolerance for racto represents significant lost income for U.S. producers & packers from reduced production efficiency = an average of $27 per head to the producer, and $10 per head to the packer.
3. Please consider weighing in with the White House – the Vice President’s office, USTR, and USDA, and then we’ll be in good shape to maximize the potential of the China market for U.S. beef.

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