Current Nebraska FSA Programs Available


This week Bobbie Kriz-Wickham, NE USDA-FSA, discusses programs cattlemen are eligible for. Bobbie covers:

  1. CFAP 2: This is a separate application from the first CFAP round. Breeding stock are not eligible in CFAP2. Application deadline is December 11th. more information at
  2. CRP Emergency Haying & Grazing: Tied to US drought monitor. About 40 counties in Nebraska were eligible for CRP Haying & Grazing. Contact county office to learn more.
  3. Livestock Forage Program: Also tied to the US drought monitor. 27 Nebraska counties triggered for assistance through this program. Deadline is January 30th, 2021. Contact your county office to learn more.

Listen as Bobbie gives more details on each of these programs.

Audio: Bobbie Kriz-Wickham

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