Cattle Edge Webinar: Costs and Benefits of Feed Analysis and Crop Residue Management


In this webinar Ward Labs examines how crop residue removal impacts soil health, inspects the true costs of baling crop residues including the often overlooked piece: nutrient removal, and goes over other considerations for grazing crop residues such as compaction, nitrates, and meeting animal nutrient requirements.


Rebecca Kern, MS, Professional Animal Scientist

As Ward Laboratories’ Animal Scientist, she reviews feed and forage data for quality and accuracy, promotes our feed testing department and consults with livestock producers among other duties. Rebecca earned her Master of Animal Nutrition at the University of Wyoming working on a collaborative project with the US Meat Animal Research Center studying beef feed efficiency. Upon completion of the maters program she worked at USMARC for 2 years as a research technician and has experience working with beef cattle and swine.

Terry Buettner, Account Development and Agronomy Support Manager

Terry has several years of experience as an Ag Producer. For 34 years he has been raising corn, soybeans, alfalfa, small grains and forages in the Kearney area. He is also a cow calf producer with a commercial herd and purebred Simmental seedstock operation. Terry earned his B.S. Business Administration with an economics minor from University of Nebraska-Kearney, 1983. He joined Ward Laboratories Inc in 2017.

Watch and or listen below:

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