Beef, it’s what’s for dinner in Canada, Mexico AND China!


Cattlemen, along with other agriculture and business groups, have rallied collectively for months to urge Congress to pass the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA). That hard work has finally paid off! The Nebraska Cattlemen greatly appreciates House and Senate leaders for passing USMCA by an overwhelming majority. With passage through both congressional chambers, USMCA will now move to the president’s desk for signature. This final step will ensure Cattlemen maintain duty-free, unrestricted access for U.S. beef exports to Canada and Mexico – worth roughly $1.8 billion a year.

“Nebraska Cattlemen applauds the passage of USMCA! Nebraska leads the nation in commercial red meat production and depends on reliable, unrestricted access to our two closest trading partners, which totaled over $250 million worth of beef exports from Nebraska last year. We commend the leadership of our elected officials in this effort.” – Ken Herz, President – Nebraska Cattlemen

Continuing with big news in ag trade, the Phase-One Agreement with the US and China is a game changer for the U.S. beef industry! The removal of several non-tariff trade barriers that kept US beef at a competitive disadvantage is a big step towards growing the US beef market with the highest populated country in the world. China represents one-fifth of the global population and a middle-class that is greater than the entire U.S. population.

“Expanding opportunities for US beef into the Chinese market by removing non-tariff trade barriers is a huge win for the beef industry in Nebraska. The Chinese market holds incredible potential for growth. The first phase of this agreement positions US beef in the driver’s seat to keep pace with that growth.” – Ken Herz, President – Nebraska Cattlemen

Written by: Ashley Kohls

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