A Letter from Ed Klug


Dear Nebraska Cattlemen Members and Staff,

As I wrap up my second term serving Nebraska Cattlemen as Region 7 V.P., I would like to reflect on several thoughts about NC, NCBA, and production ag in general. Nebraska Cattlemen has a long and proud history in our great state of Nebraska. Through hard work from dedicated members, mergers with various organizations and affiliates, NC has grown to the strong, proactive grass-roots organization that protects and promotes its members’ interests.

While it may be somewhat painful to write out that annual dues membership, I strongly believe that check does not cost, it pays! These funds help to promote profitability for the cattle industry, encourage stewardship of our land and other natural resources., promote proper care and well being of livestock under our care, help fund and support our values and goals in the Nebraska Legislature, make connections with Nebraska industry links, and maybe most importantly send a strong, honest and positive message to the consumer about Nebraska beef. The benefits your NC member dues help support are almost too numerous to list. Those mentioned are just a few of the many available.

It has been a privilege and pleasure to attend affiliate meetings in Region 7, as well as NC Board meetings and conferences across the state. I’ve met many great producers who are willing to share time and ideas and get their hands dirty. I hope I have been able to represent NC, answer questions, and provide information to all.

As cattle producers, we have a great story to tell, and a fabulous product to sell.

Thank you, Nebraska Cattlemen members and staff for letting me serve and learn.


Ed Klug, Columbus

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