The NCW – Consumer Education and Promotion Committee teamed up with the Nebraska Beef Council to create a toolkit to be sent out to Nebraska Schools that are Powered by Beef.

Local Nebraska Cattlemen groups and other agricultural organizations have organized Beef in Schools across the state to increase the offerings of beef in Nebraska school lunches.  The mission of the Nebraska Beef in Schools program is to not only to promote Nebraska Beef in school lunch programs but to encourage education on beef production and the nutritional value in beef throughout Nebraska schools.

Along with posters the schools will receive kid friendly recipes that can be distributed to families in their school district and education material that can be used by teachers.  The educational material targets several age groups.  The goal is to continue to update the schools with educational material each year.

The Nebraska Cattlemen are excited in the success of the Beef in Schools Program and we look forward to in seeing the program grow across Nebraska.  If you want to make sure your school is on the list to receive this new toolkit, please email Bonita at