Nebraska Cattlemen State Political Action Committee Announces Support for Nineteen Nebraska Legislature Candidates

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LINCOLN, NE (October 11, 2022) –Today, the Nebraska Cattlemen State Political Action Committee (PAC) announced their support for nineteen candidates running to serve in the 108th legislative session of the Nebraska Unicameral.

The Nebraska Cattlemen PAC stated, “Nebraska beef cattle producers need state legislators who will represent the values of hard work and dedication we share throughout the agriculture community. We are pleased to announce our support for these nineteen legislative candidates who will give our members a voice in the Nebraska Capitol and help solve the crucial issues facing producers.”

Nebraska Cattlemen PAC supported Candidates for the Nebraska Legislature:

LD 02 – Senator Robert Clements

LD 04 – Brad Von Gillern

LD 12 – Merv Riepe

LD 14 – Senator John Arch

LD 16 – Senator Ben Hansen

LD 20 – Stu Dornan

LD 22 – Senator Mike Moser

LD 26 – Russ Barger

LD 28 – Jane Raybould

LD 30 – Senator Myron Dorn

LD 31 – Kathleen Kauth

LD 32 – Senator Tom Brandt

LD 34 – Loren Lippincott

LD 36 – Rick Holdcroft

LD 38 – Senator Dave Murman

LD 40 – Barry DeKay

LD 44 – Teresa Ibach

LD 46 – Danielle Conrad

LD 48 – Brian Hardin

To learn more about the Nebraska Cattlemen PAC, please visit our website at


The Nebraska Cattlemen State PAC aims to support candidates who champion the beef industry by making decisions about laws and regulations that enhance the business climate for profitable beef production in Nebraska and foster opportunities for expansion.

The Nebraska Cattlemen PAC also supports the following candidates:


Nebraska’s First Congressional District – Mike Flood

Nebraska’s Second Congressional District – Don Bacon

Nebraska’s Third Congressional District – Adrian Smith 

Nebraska Executive Branch 

Governor – Jim Pillen

Secretary of State – Bob Evnen

Attorney General – Mike Hilgers

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