Cattlemen Working to Address Labor Shortage

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Nebraska Cattlemen applauds the efforts of our state and federally elected officials to address labor shortages for Nebraska Cattlemen’s producer members and supporting industries within the beef supply and marketing chain. Over the past year, Nebraska Cattlemen has been working with state and federal legislators and regulators to address the growing labor shortage.

“In addition to cattle market matters, the need for labor has elevated to a headline issue for our members – directly on their farms, ranches and feedlots, and in supporting industries such as processing facilities, transportation, and multiple supply sectors.” said William H. Rhea – President, Nebraska Cattlemen.

Nebraska Cattlemen is grateful for the ongoing support from Governor Ricketts by designating front line agriculture workers as essential to the economy and prioritizing this vital labor force for COVID-19 vaccinations and for his recent actions removing barriers that could disincentivize Nebraskans from returning to work. Additionally, Nebraska Cattlemen has engaged with Senators across the state to develop real time remedies such as workforce development programs and long-term solutions for housing challenges.

On the federal level, Nebraska Cattlemen is continuing to identify and act on solutions with Nebraska’s federal delegation to reform immigration policy to advance needed H2A visa restructuring and ensure state and federal resources are available for a legal immigrant workforce to successfully thrive in our communities. Nebraska’s Congressional delegation – in ongoing collaboration with Nebraska Cattlemen – has also identified the need to expand programs to help train Nebraska’s future food growers and processors through apprenticeship and specialized on-site training programs.

Nebraska Cattlemen will continue to fight for necessary changes to address labor shortages both short- and long term, in addition to prioritizing the ongoing exorbitant margin inequities among sectors within the cattle and beef marketing chain.

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