Cattle Edge: Trace Mineral Nutrition in Breeding Cattle

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Dr. Lourens J. Havenga discusses when to care and why when it comes to trace minerals in breeding cattle.

· Risk points in the breeding female: When risk arises, why it does and how we can manage through it.
· Impacts that this calving season has on the upcoming breeding season.
· Optimize this breeding season! When to consider management changes in breeding bulls.
· Does data support applying different technologies in the same herd?

Dr Lourens J Havenga, BVSc

Dr Havenga received his veterinary degree from the University of Pretoria (Onderstepoort), South Africa in 1995. Following two years in bovine practice in the United Kingdom, Dr Havenga returned to South Africa and joined the pharmaceutical industry. Dr Havenga was responsible for licensing several USA animal health products for different companies in South Africa.

Since 2005, he has been working exclusively on injectable trace minerals. This includes research projects, licensing and marketing. During 2009 he relocated to Colorado where he manages the Multimin USA Inc. company.

Dr Havenga has lead several university and private studies in the USA, generating data on the absorption, storage, function and effects on reproduction and immune function, following the use of injectable trace minerals.

Listen to and watch the webinar here:

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