Governor Pete Ricketts Declares May as “Beef Month”

 In Media Release, Newsroom

Lincoln, NE (May 5, 2021) – Today, Governor Pete Ricketts once again proclaimed May as “Beef Month” in Nebraska and announced the new Beef Passport Program. While beef is the headline protein for cattlemen and consumers year-round, Nebraska Cattlemen is grateful for this designation.

The Nebraska Beef Passport program features 40 restaurants throughout the state that offer beef on their menus. The program was designed to increase domestic demand by driving people back into restaurants across the state.

Nebraska is an unmatched leader in delivering high quality beef to those who love it, with the best people in the business each step along the way. Families still serve as the hub of the state’s number one industry with 98% of farms and ranches being family owned.

Farms and ranches across the state are multigenerational – with the legacy of conservation and animal care being handed down from generation to generation.

“The beef community is the heart of Nebraska. With a continued focus on conservation and care, Nebraska farmers and ranchers are laser focused on enriching the land and caring for their animals. On behalf of Nebraska Cattlemen members, we thank Governor Ricketts for once again declaring May as BEEF month and hope everyone celebrates with beef today – and every day.” William H. Rhea III – President, Nebraska Cattlemen

Cattlemen and women take great pride in the way they care for their animals and the environment with a long-standing commitment to sustainably providing families with the safest, highest-quality beef possible. For beef farmers and ranchers, that means using modern techniques to raise cattle under optimal environmental conditions. For consumers, it means knowing the beef they buy is wholesome and delicious.

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