NC President’s “Meat on the Menu” Remarks

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On March 15th, NC President William Rhea III gave the following remarks during the Governors “Meat on the Menu” Proclamation signing event in Omaha:

“Cattlemen and women take great pride in the way they care for their animals. The beef community has a long-standing commitment to caring for their animals and providing families with the safest, highest-quality beef possible. Beef Quality Assurance or BQA is a program that trains farmers and ranchers on best practice cattle management techniques to ensure their animals and the environment are cared for within a standard set of guidelines and regulations across the U.S. beef industry. 

Simply put, BQA helps beef farmers and ranchers raise better beef so consumers can feel even better about buying it. But it’s not always that simple – raising quality beef requires commitment and hard work. Beef Quality Assurance certification is earned, not bought. To earn BQA certification, beef farmers and ranchers can take courses online or attend in-person trainings taught by a network of hundreds of state BQA coordinators and trainers.

For beef farmers and ranchers, that means using modern techniques to raise cattle under optimal environmental and economic conditions. For consumers, it means knowing the beef they buy is wholesome and delicious. In fact, more than 85% of U.S. beef comes from BQA-certified farmers and ranchers – and that number continues to grow! Beef Quality Assurance is better for cattle, better for ranchers, and better for people who appreciate beef’s place in a healthy, sustainable diet. Thank-you for choosing beef to feed your families.”

We are proud to be Nebraskan’s and supported by this great state.  We sincerely hope that you will partake in celebrating with us on March 20th!

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