Legislative Update 2.20.2021

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Nebraska Cattlemen combed through approximately 684 pieces of legislation this session, identifying those that fell under the umbrella of NC policy developed by our members.

Listen as Ashley updates you on NC’s 2021 legislative priorities:

LB 252 by Senator Williams. Nebraska Cattlemen considers this their Dr. Fox Bill. This bill allows producers a 30-day window to refill prescriptions while finding a veterinarian to provide a veterinarian-client-patient-relationship (VCPR) in the event their prescribing veterinarian is deceased.  This hearing was a few weeks ago and recently came out of committee 7-0.

LB 572 and LB 571 by Senator Halloran. LB 572 changes provision to the Livestock Brand Act and LB 571 provides for a backgrounder lot under the Livestock Brand Act. Nebraska Cattlemen recently testified on all three Nebraska Brand Act bills including in opposition to LB 614 by Senator Erdman which eliminates registered feedlot provisions under the Livestock Brand Act.

There are numerous bills that were brought forth this session in regard to broadband. We decided to take a stance to support broadband efforts aimed at expanding broadband infrastructure and access to underserved areas throughout Nebraska.

LB 396 by Senator Brandt. This is the Nebraska Farm-to-School Program Act. Nebraska Cattlemen has been heavily involved with the Beef in Schools programs across the state of Nebraska and is hopeful to incorporate this at a state level. Nebraska Cattlemen will testify in support of this bill on February 23rd.

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