Nebraska Cattlemen Select Priority Bills for the 2021 Legislative Session

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LINCOLN, NE (January 29, 2021) – Nebraska Cattlemen (NC) Board of Directors met this week in Kearney for their annual legislative meeting. NC’s six policy committees researched, discussed and prioritized bills, resolutions and constitutional amendments recently introduced in the Nebraska Legislature that are of interest to Nebraska beef producers.
Under close review and in accordance with NC Policy, the Board of Directors considered and took positions on 113 pieces of legislation and choose five bills and one concept as priorities for this legislative session.
Nebraska Cattlemen Animal Health and Nutrition committee prioritized LB 252 by Senator Williams. Nebraska Cattlemen considers this their Dr. Fox Bill. This bill allows producers a 30-day window to refill prescriptions while finding a veterinarian to provide a veterinarian-client-patient-relationship (VCPR) in the event their prescribing veterinarian is deceased.
The Brand and Properties Rights committee took a supportive stance and priority on LB 572 and LB 571 brought forth by Senator Halloran. LB 572 changes provision to the Livestock Brand Act and LB 571 provides for a backgrounder lot under the Livestock Brand Act. NC also took a position in opposition to LB 641 by Senator Erdman that eliminates registered feedlot provisions under the Livestock Brand Act.
Marketing and Commerce committee supports with the prioritization of efforts aimed at expanding broadband infrastructure and access to underserved areas throughout Nebraska.
Lastly, NC Education and Research Committee passed interim policy to support the development and implementation of Farm-to-table, Beef in school and similar programs that make local producer’s foods available in local schools. With the interim policy, LB 396 by Senator Brandt was prioritized. LB 396 Adopts the Nebraska Farm-to-School Program Act.
“The legislative committee had lots of good, in-depth conversation in regards to over 100 legislative measures. We were able to accomplish all that was needed to take a position on bills that were in-line with Nebraska Cattlemen policy” said Brenda Masek, Chairman of NC Legislative Committee.
For more information about a specific priority for Nebraska Cattlemen, please call the Nebraska Cattlemen office at 402.475.2333.
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