2021 Cookin’ At the Classic Competition

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Yes! We are continuing the Cookin’ At The Classic event this year! We’ve made some big changes and opened it up to more competitors. All events will be virtual this year, and have been designed so that individual students will take the responsibility for filming and entry. As a classroom teacher, you can choose to be as involved as you want (or don’t want!)

Contestants may choose to participate in 1 (or more!) of the following events:
(Please only one entry per event, per individual)

  1. Nebraska Beef Commercial – A 10 – 30 second video commercial advertising Nebraska Beef to consumers. Be creative! How would you get consumer attention to sell our product?
  2. Nebraska Beef Infomercial – A 1-2 minute video commercial advertising Nebraska Beef to consumers. An infomercial generally includes more information about the product than a commercial, usually in the form of product comparisons, nutritional benefits, research findings, etc. Use your creativity to convince viewers than Nebraska Beef is their best choice!
  3. Prepared Appetizer – Submit a 3-5 minute video showing preparation of an appetizer with beef as the main ingredient. An appetizer is usually a light, easy to eat “finger food” served before a larger meal to “wake up” the palette! While it is not necessary to capture the entire process on video, contestants are encouraged to highlight those points that display their talent and creativity – think of it as a “cooking show”!
  4. Prepared Entree (an FCS team event only) – High School students enrolled in an advanced food preparation class may plan and prepare a restaurant type beef entrée to “sell” to consumers. The entry will consist of a 5-8 minute video showcasing their entrée and its preparation, along with a submitted menu and recipes.

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Videos will be judged on quality, content, creativity, and consumer appeal. Judges will be members of the Nebraska Cattlemen as well as local culinary professionals. Entries will be divided into one of two age categories – Junior, grades 7-9; and Senior, grades 10-12. Each competition will have 3 entries from each age group, selected to receive cash prizes. $75 for 1st place, $50 for 2nd, and $25 for third. The top three schools in the Prepared Entrée event will receive beef drafts for use in classroom lab experiences.

We encourage you to share this information with any student who may be interested in participating. With the exception of the Prepared Entrée’ event, students do not need to be a member of an FCS class to participate. So contact all those aspiring visual art students, share with the FFA Advisor, Speech & Drama teacher, Math department, etc. – everyone can share in the fun!

All judges’ decisions are final and entries will become the property of the Nebraska Cattlemen, for possible use in advertising and promotional efforts.

Any questions may be directed to event coordinator, Sheri Wieden, at sheriwieden@gmail.com, or to Bonita Lederer, Nebraska Cattlemen, blederer@necattlemen.org.

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