Pursuit of More Cash Cattle Trade

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Would you say the markets are still feeling the effects of the COVID shutdowns?

There are things still in play in the market that are related to COVID that go back to when we saw the sharp slowdown in harvest levels due to the impact of COVID in the processing facilities in the spring… We have cattle still around in the 1st quarter of 2021 as fed cattle that in a normal year and normal movement patterns would have worked through the system by now.

Price discovery – pursuit of having more cash cattle trade…

There has been a ton of time and effort put into price discovery and market transparency following NCBA’s summer meetings last year. There is a sub-committee that has taken on the focus of putting region triggers in place based on research levels of negotiated trade that is necessary to ensure robust price discovery… We have advanced to the point where the official monitoring of those regional negotiated trade totals versus the goals has kicked off. In the first week of January, we saw the IA, NE, CO, and KS totals exceed those goals. The TX, NM, OK area fell shy. This week it looks like NE, TX, CO and IA will exceed the goals once again.

Market Reporting Service…

A service provided by NC to members on a subscription fee basis. It has been in existence since the late 80’s. We are working up against 300 feeding operating scattered throughout the Midwest…We have been in the price discovery and market transparency business for 30 years. If you are interested in learning more about NC-Market Reporting Service (MRS) click here.

Listen to the entire interview with Jeff Stolle below:

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