Nebraska Cattlemen Adopts Policy During 2020 Annual Convention

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On Thursday, December 3rd Nebraska Cattlemen held their annual convention committee meetings virtually. Policy committee meetings are held twice a year to develop and adopt policy which guides leadership and staff on legislative and regulatory issues brought forth on the State and National level. This year, numerous actions were taken on policies across the six committees, including adopting interim policy and writing new policy.

The Animal Health and Nutrition committee adopted interim policy that supports efforts to aid all producers in developing a secure beef supply plan for their business. The committee also approved a new policy that would allow for veterinary clients a 60-day grace period on their veterinary client patient relationship in the event of retirement, revocation of a license or death of a veterinarian.

In the Brand and Property Rights committee, interim policy was adopted based on comprehensive work completed by the Brand Subcommittee late last year. The adopted policy states that NC supports maintaining the Nebraska Brand Committee and the continued use of cattle brands, as well as other identifiers in the proof of ownership for title transfer.

The NC Marketing and Commerce committee affirmed interim policy regarding competitive fed cattle markets, Livestock Mandatory Reporting, and market competitiveness. Additionally, the committee discussed and adopted new policy that charges NC leaders and staff to aggressively pursue legislation and/or programs to expand access to quality high speed internet for members in under-served parts of the state.

In the Natural Resources and Environment Committee, members discussed and adopted new policy calling for NC to support future legislation and policies that coordinate stakeholders to create, protect, maintain, and manage water resources infrastructure in the state of Nebraska. Additionally, this newly adopted policy supports adequate funding for water resources infrastructure projects that improve drainage and flood control.

Each year Nebraska Cattlemen Leadership and staff rely on the help of all members to renew and develop policy to better ensure their future in the industry. Member engagement on policy is key to guiding the organization through the coming year.

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