Nebraska Cattlemen Elects Leadership During 2020 Annual Convention

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Nebraska Cattlemen Annual Convention may have looked a little different this year, but the core importance of convention is to elect new leadership and discuss Nebraska Cattlemen policy which was all done virtually for the year 2020. Depending on the given year and leadership terms, elections are held for opening positions.

On Friday December 4th during the annual business meeting it became official that William “Bill” Rhea III has taken the position as Nebraska Cattlemen President for the 2021 year. Bill is a 5th generation farmer near Arlington, NE where he raises corn, soybeans, alfalfa, and organic crops. He also owns and operates a trucking company. Bill is a prior Nebraska Cattlemen Feedlot Council chair and has served on the Nebraska Beef Council board and the U.S. Meat Export Federation executive council.

Brenda Masek has moved into the President Elect roll. Brenda owns and operates the Bestol-Masek Ranch near Purdum, NE where they run a commercial spring calving cow/calf operation. Brenda has served as president of her local NC affiliate, Nebraska Cattlemen Region 2 member services chair and has sat on the Nebraska Cattlemen Executive and Finance Committee prior to becoming an officer.

Nebraska Cattlemen’s newest officer is Steve Hanson who is joining Nebraska Cattlemen as the Vice President. Steve is the 4th generation on their family farm near Elsie, NE and ranch at Arthur where they feed out home raised calves with grain grown on their operation. He has served many industry positions in years past including Nebraska Beef Council chairman, Federation of State Beef Councils chairman, Beef Promotion Operating committee co-chair, serving on the Checkoff’s Freedom to Operate committee as well as the Global Growth committee and Evaluation committee. Steve currently serves on the United States Meat Export Federation executive committee representing the beef sector.

Also, congratulations to all the 2021 Nebraska Cattlemen Board of Directors:

  • Lewis Coulter – Region 1 Member Services Vice Chair
  • Kat Kennedy – Region 2 Member Services Vice Chair
  • Tyler Weborg – Region 3 Member Services Vice Chair
  • John Ecklund – Region 4 Member Services Vice Chair
  • Jared Jaixen – Region 5 Member Services Vice Chair
  • Chuck Graff – Region 6 Member Services Vice Chair
  • Ethan Bang – Region 7 Member Services Vice Chair
  • Mark Goes – Region 8 Member Services Vice Chair
  • Quentin Dailey – Region 9 Member Services Vice Chair
  • Frank Utter – Cow Calf Council Chair
  • Al Atkins – Cow Calf Council Vice Chair
  • Dan Egger – Farmer Stockman Council Chair
  • Marc Hanson – Farmer Stockman Council Vice Chair
  • Joel Weber – Feedlot Council Chair
  • Mike Briggs – Feedlot Council Vice Chair
  • Krista Dybdal – Seedstock Council Chair
  • John Kraye – Seedstock Council Vice Chair
  • Andrew Dorn – Allied Industries Council Chair
  • Scott Langemeier – Animal Health & Nutrition Committee Chair
  • Jared Walahoski – Animal Health & Nutrition Committee Vice Chair
  • Marie Farr – Brand and Property Rights Committee Chair
  • Brock Terrell – Brand and Property Rights Committee Vice Chair
  • Kelly Terrell – Education and Research Committee Chair
  • Marcus Urban – Education and Research Committee Vice Chair
  • Steve Sunderman – Marketing and Commerce Committee Chair
  • Joe Eisenmenger – Marketing and Commerce Committee Vice Chair
  • Jacob Mayer – Natural Resources and Environment Committee Chair
  • Eric Hansen – Natural Resources and Environment Committee Vice Chair
  • Richard Pierce – Taxation Committee Chair
  • Lavon Heidemann – Taxation Committee Vice Chair
  • Dawn Caldwell – Member Services Committee Chair

“I am looking forward to working with this highly talented board of directors for the next year as I serve my presidency. I am confident in this board and I am excited to see all the great things we get accomplished this year for the Beef Industry.” Bill Rhea, Nebraska Cattlemen President

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