Nebraska Cattlemen Interim Policy Aligns with Call for Increased Negotiated Cash Purchases

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In April of this year, the Nebraska Cattlemen (NC) board amended existing NC Marketing and Commerce Committee policy to strengthen standing language by mandating packers to purchase a minimum of 50% of their weekly slaughter in the negotiated market with specific day ranges for delivery.

“Many NC members have repeatedly expressed concerns about the increasing number of cattle sold on a formula basis, lessening the robust price discovery that cash negotiation sales bring to the table.” – Ken Herz, Nebraska Cattlemen President “While NC policy typically discourages mandates, we understand the urgent need to regain leverage, competitiveness and price discovery.”

Cattlemen in Nebraska historically participate in cash negotiated sales at a higher level than other cattle feeding regions in the U.S. Current proposals in the Senate are missing definitions regarding key components of live cattle marketing. NC staff and leadership are working through current bill language to identify these needed amendments to ensure it meets the mark of NC policy.

Nebraska Cattlemen leadership and staff are closely monitoring the current live cattle marketing environment and are actively looking for resolutions that will be components of longer-term solutions.

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