Nebraska Cattlemen Awards 2019 Top Hands

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During Nebraska Cattlemen Annual Convention each year membership is examined, from new member analytics to retainage. With involvement from multiple generations there is one thing that has stayed the same over the years: the most effective membership recruitment is face to face interaction from members to nonmembers. Word of mouth remains a huge recruitment strategy for Nebraska Cattlemen.

To reward those who help keep revenue flowing and Nebraska Cattlemen membership strong, the Top Hand Club was formed. In order to become a member of the Top Hand Club individuals must recruit a minimum of three memberships for total dollars to exceed $500. There are many members who recruit and overall for the year, 185 new members were recruited by 45 individuals for a total of $44,438.16 in dues. But there are a few who go above and beyond in recruiting and are deserving of the name Top Hand.

The 2019 Top Hand Award went to 8 different members from across the state:

Dan Domeier-Recruited 10 new members
Lewis Coulter – Recruited 5 new members
Ed Klug – Recruited 4 new members
Nancy Peterson – Recruited 3 new members
Galen Frenzen-Recruited 6 new members
Chris Schluntz-Recruited 4 new members
Kevin Sladky-Recruited 6 new members
Frank Utter-Recruited 3 new members

“The Top Hand Club is something to hang your hat on and an award that we look forward to giving each year. I want to thank each award winner during the 2019 year. For Nebraska Cattlemen, member recruitment is at the top of our to-do list each year.” Mike Drinnin, NC Past President.

Left to Right: Galen Frenzen, Lewis Coulter, Ed Klug, Kevin Sladky, Frank Utter


The Nebraska Cattlemen association serves as the representative for the state’s beef cattle industry and represents professional cattle breeders, ranchers and feeders, as well as county and local cattlemen’s associations. Its headquarters are in Lincoln with satellite offices around the state to best serve members.

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