Nebraska Cattlemen Urge Activists to Understand the Importance of Agriculture in Nebraska

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LINCOLN, NE (September 9, 2019) – Nebraska Cattlemen President Mike Drinnin released the following statement in regards to the recent activists groups calling for a CAFO moratorium.

“Nebraska has a very proud history of animal livestock husbandry which is an important part of our state’s culture. The farmers and ranchers in Nebraska take pride in their work and continue to be leaders in environmental sustainability. With the recent active cry from outside groups using a call for “CAFO moratorium” their agenda becomes a threat to our livelihoods. Livestock family farmers are the first stewards of Nebraska’s natural resources following state and national regulations. For agenda driven activists, their personal desires should not be given any credibility when state and local control have been adhered to in public hearings. It is important that we work to protect agriculture in the state as it is the number one industry with livestock production alone contributing to $12 billion in economic impact.” – Mike Drinnin, Nebraska Cattlemen President.

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