Nebraska Cattlemen Thanks Senator Fischer for Livestock Haulers’ Amendments

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Lincoln, NE (June 13, 2018) – Nebraska Cattlemen (NC) applauds Senator Deb Fischer for introducing a series of amendments to the 2018 farm bill regarding federal hours of service (HOS) regulations on livestock haulers.

“Senator Fischer never fails to be a stalwart champion for producers, and we are extremely grateful for her commitment to find workable solutions to our transportation concerns. One-size-fits-all regulations cannot be imposed on the livestock industry without causing serious animal welfare concerns,” said NC President Galen Frenzen.

Senator Fischer’s amendments would provide much needed regulatory flexibility by accomplishing the following:

  1. Eliminating archaic requirements that only allow agricultural producers to utilize existing exemptions during state planting and harvest periods. Livestock hauling occurs year-round and should not be regulated by seasonality.
  2. Allowing agricultural drivers to complete hauls if within 150 air-miles of the destination. This would prevent situations where a fully laden livestock hauler “runs out of time” just prior to completing a haul.
  3. Exempt loading and unloading time if a driver has just completed a 10-hour rest period.

The Senate Ag Committee advanced the farm bill today, and debate by the full body could occur as early as next week. A fourth amendment, which would update the definition of agricultural commodity for purposes of agricultural exemptions to HOS regulations, was included in a “manager’s amendment” to the bill.

NC urges Congress to help alleviate livestock haulers’ concerns regarding federal transportation regulations.

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