Nebraska Cattlemen Continues to Support Senator Deb Fischer for the 2018 U.S. Senate Primary Election

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LINCOLN, NE (April 26, 2018) – The Nebraska Cattlemen (NC) Board of Directors voted to continue their support of Senator Deb Fischer in the 2018 U.S. Senate primary election.  Senator Fischer is a long time NC and NCBA member from Cherry County with a strong track record of advocating for Nebraska’s livestock industry.

Senator Fischer currently serves on two U.S. Senate committees that oversee many of the policy issues that impact Nebraska’s farmers and ranchers: the Environment and Public Works (EPW) Committee and the Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry Committee.

During her time on EPW, Senator Fischer has been instrumental in fighting the misguided 2015 Waters of the United States rule, which would have subjected every puddle, ditch and stream to costly and burdensome federal Clean Water Act permitting.

Sen. Fischer’s new role on the Senate Agriculture Committee gives Nebraska’s producers a seat at the table as the next farm bill is written.  This comprehensive legislation ensures that farm safety nets are in place to help farmers and ranchers weather a tough agriculture economy and increasingly tight margins. Without critical programs like crop insurance, drought assistance and livestock indemnity, Nebraska’s $23 billion agriculture economy would suffer a devastating blow.

Senator Fischer is also the Chair of the Livestock, Marketing and Agriculture Security Subcommittee within the U.S. Senate Agriculture Committee.  She gives Nebraska’s livestock industry an active voice in promoting and defending the key issues for their families and businesses.

Nebraska Cattlemen greatly appreciates Senator Fischer’s efforts and is proud to support her in the 2018 primary election.

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