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Date: 4/13/2017 12:00:00 AM

Title: Nebraska Cattlemen Urges State Senators Not to Sweep Brand Committee Funds

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April 13, 2017 



Nebraska Cattlemen Urges State Senators Not to Sweep Brand Committee Funds 


LINCOLN, NE (Apr. 13, 2017) - Nebraska Cattlemen encourages State Senators, in the budget process, to restore the entire balance of funds to the Nebraska Brand Committee (NBC).    

The legislature's Appropriations Committee must advance a budget by Day 70 of the session, and has recommended taking $100,000 from the NBC funds to help balance the state budget shortfall.  The fund balance carried by this agency is not a surplus of unused General Fund Appropriations.   The funds obtained by NBC are producer fees that have been paid for services from a completely cash funded agency which receives no general fund appropriations from the state's general fund. 

A sweep of funds from the Nebraska Brand Committee will cause fiscal struggles for the agency.  Depending on the amount swept from the funds, the agency might not be able to meet their financial obligations and stay in compliance with current Nebraska Brand Laws.  

Aggressively addressing the concerns that were raised in the audit during the Summer of 2016, the NBC has pursed new technology which encumbers funds. On top of equipment replacement and upgrades that are needed there are ten (10) open employment positions that need to be filled to provide the mandated services and investigations.  

"Taking even $1.00 is too much" Stated Troy Stowater, NC President. "Those dollars are producer dollars that exclusively fund the brand committee efforts." 



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