How to Implement Project in Your School

This is a basic guideline on how to implement this idea in your area. Please note that every individual program is different.

1. Contact your superintendent and ask them if they would be willing to present the idea to your school district board.

2. Contact local producers, businesses, local Nebraska Cattlemen affiliate and community to discuss commitment required for cattle, monetary donations etc.

3. Prior to meeting with the school board have a plan in place with details and names of committed participants. You may also wish to have a committee set up for this project for future tasks that may be implemented as a program.

4. Once your program is approved by school contact a federally inspected slaughter house to see if they would process your donated animals.

5. Be sure to keep your head school cook in the loop throughout the process.

6. Kickoff event with the school. Be sure to advertise those who donated and were involved in the project.


How to be Successful

Having community support that believes in your school system and the youth for tomorrow is key to making this program successful.


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