Young Cattlemen's Round Table: Be Inspired, Be Impactful, Get Involved 


The Young Cattlemen’s Conference (YCC) Class of 2016 will again host the Young Cattlemen’s Round Table during the NC Annual Convention. The round table will be held Wednesday, Dec. 6 starting at noon, with registration and lunch and a welcome at 12:30 p.m. 


The goal of the round table is to inspire members to get involved in Nebraska Cattlemen and experience the benefits of the organization. Speakers at the round table will engage attendees to discuss what is happening in the beef industry and how they can get more involved. 


Be inspired to get involved in the beef in­dustry by becoming an industry advocate. Many people lack the general under­standing about where their food comes from and the important role agriculture plays in their lives. We always need to be ready to share our story. David Schuler wants to challenge you to be a beef advo­cate and will share with you how you can take the first step. 


Be impactful in the beef industry as you write your story. Tessa Quittner recently returned home to the family ranch. Her story will inspire you to see how we all have a story to tell about family, commu­nity and agriculture. How can you impact the future of the beef industry? 


Get involved in Nebraska Cattlemen. There are many ways young producers can engage in the association. Hear Al Svajgr share about his involvement in the beef industry on the local, state and national level. Now is a great time to be involved in the beef industry. 


Register to attend the Young Cattle­men’s Round Table and network with like-minded people and make valuable connections. 


Members of the 2016 YCC class are: Reiss Bruning, Bruning; Jentry Cain, Berywn; Bradley Christensen, Columbus; Tricia Goes, Odell; Heidi Pieper, Farnam; Doug Smith, Ph.D., Curtis; Adam Guenther, West Point; Kenny Stauffer, Larkspur, Colo.; and Kelly Terrell, Gothenburg. 




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