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As we are all excited about this program please be courteous of all types of beef producers when visiting with the media. Below are a few talking points to remember while having conversation with the media and other sources at your school event or even on the streets of your community. If your school decides to host a media event, please contact Nebraska Cattlemen as we would love to be there in support of you and your unique program. Also, for additional talking points or media help, please contact Talia Goes at


  • Please remember that the Nebraska Beef in Schools projects across the state are meant to enhance the relationship between the local producers and the community via the school. Refrain from making comments about the quality of beef being better. Talk about the opportunity the program gives to serve more beef in the school.


  • All of the Nebraska Beef in Schools programs are pertinent to the community coming together to make it happen. Without community strength the programs would not be successful. It is 100% a community driven task. Allows students to interact with business and industries in their community to create a sense of collaboration and pride.


  • This is an opportunity for producers and local businesses to give back to the community by offering beef or monetary donations for the schools to serve the local students.


  • Nebraska Cattlemen have used this program to explore the possibilities of adding more beef to the menu across the state.


  • Nebraska Beef in Schools helps school aged children learn about where their beef comes from. Informed choice is a huge factor in today’s industry. Learning things early such as where your food comes from, how it is grown, who grows/raises it, and the purpose of agriculture helps the beef industry long term.


  • The beef cattle industry is Nebraska’s single largest industry and powers the state’s economy with 20,000 beef cow operations. For every ONE person in the state there are FOUR beef animals. Nebraska has a unique mix of natural resources that provide for an abundant amount of cattle. For more facts visit:

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